Lake Garda

Where lake and sky become one

The Pearls of Lake Garda

In the heart of northern Italy, nestled between the Trentino Alps in the north and the morainic hills in the south, lies the largest lake basin in Italy. The Romans called it Benaco, for us the beautiful Lake Garda is a destination that can satisfy every expectation. Above all, Lake Garda can satisfy aesthetic expectations, as it is rich in panoramic views and landscapes that already inspired painters such as Gustav Klimt and the landscape painter Corot. The villages that follow one another along the lake shore are small romantic jewels that provide the setting for enjoyable nights out in bars and clubs, as well as for lovely walks and dinners in cosy restaurants offering home-made specialities, which are always a showcase for jazz and blues bands. Lake Garda offers an opportunity to recover from the busy week in the city thanks to the quietness of its beaches and its fresh sub-Mediterranean climate, given by its special position among the mountains. Lake Garda is particularly suitable for people who love the water or the mountains, and it is an almost fairy-tale fusion of these two apparently so different environments. The realm of sailing regattas offers the possibility of wonderful excursions to Monte Baldo, from the summit of which there is a breathtaking view from north to south, from Trentino to Lombardy and Veneto.

“Of the islands which in stagnant Waters and vast seas Neptune holds, Sirmio—the pearl of islands!— Now my heart with you rejoices ! “

Valerius Catullus - Carme XXXI

Buganville Sirmione


Sirmione is situated in the southern part of Lake Garda and stands out for its particular position, as it is situated on a peninsula that extends over 4 km into the lake. There are three things that make this little place worth visiting: the Grottoes of Catullus, a Roman domus built between the end of the first century BC and the first century AD on the tip of the Sirmione peninsula, almost romantically identified with the residence of the ancient poet; the Scaliger Castle, built in the middle of the lake’s waters and, of course, the famous thermal baths.

Magical places:
Here lake and sky become one


Continuing eastwards, you will reach Lazise, a quiet village whose old town centre is inside the walls of the medieval town. Lazise is well known for its numerous camping sites, but also offers a wonderful opportunity for evening walks for two, allowing you to get lost in the narrow medieval streets after spending a nice day on the lake’s beaches with a good book. A place of popular traditions for which the “Cuccagna del Cadenon” folk festival is particularly famous, especially in the Verona area (and more generally in the Veneto region), which is held at the end of August in the old port of Lazise. The centrepiece of this unique folk festival is an 8 metre long wooden pole, which is placed horizontally on the water and generously spread with grease. Whoever manages to slide on the pole of the “Cuccagna” and gets the little flag at the end of the pole is the winner.
Porto vecchio

The exclusiveness of the lake
at your fingertips


Bardolino is a place for young people, known for the numerous clubs and pubs that animate the summer evenings. But that’s not all, in fact the name Bardolino is also linked to wine production, especially the red wine of the same name. In October the town hosts the Grape Festival and the important National Piano Competition “Città di Bardolino”. The piano competition is a prestigious launching pad for young and talented artists to compete with other candidates from all over Italy. If you would like to spend an evening with good food, we recommend a rich and delicious plate of fried mixed fish at the Da Beppina restaurant, accompanied by the good house wine. For gourmets, however, the huge ice-cream sundaes on the lakeside are a must. A visit to the church of San Zeno, considered one of the most beautiful Carolingian churches in Italy, is definitely not to be missed.

The secret of happiness:
to mirror yourself in the water of the lake


Garda, a town on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, has one of the most beautiful and best equipped promenades on the lake.

In the era of large shopping centres, the weekly market with its classic open-air stalls is still well attended and very popular. Garda is richly endowed with villas such as Palazzo Carlotti, Villa Albertini, Palazzo Fregoso and Palazzo dei Capitani, which is an example of the flourishing past of this town and its links with the Republic of Venice.

Punta San Vigilio, one of the most beautiful places on the lake, is located about three kilometres north of Garda.  On this small peninsula there is a villa, a small church, a historical inn, a small port and the park “La Baia delle Sirene”.

Let yourself be surrounded
by the beauty of the lake



Fortified town between river and lake.

“Peschiera stands as a beautiful and strong fortress,” Dante remembers in the XX Chant of the Inferno, the Hell. Peschiera del Garda was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2017 and preserves a rich and complex history: A fascinating belt of stone and brick surrounds this fortified town on the lake and river, where architecture, art and culture mix with long beaches and morainic hills where you can taste the area’s distinctive white wine, Lugana. The hinterland, rich in vineyards, is crossed by a wonderful panoramic cycle path that runs from Peschiera del Garda along the enchanting valleys of the river Mincio to Mantua.

The dream of the lake
begins with its water


Malcesine is characterised by its temperate climate which favours olive growing and the production of an exceptional extra virgin olive oil which is the pride of local producers. Those who love sunbathing can enjoy beautiful beaches, while sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to practice various sports such as sailing, windsurfing, cycling or hiking in nature. From Malcesine starts the state-of-the-art cable car that first takes tourists to the San Michele station, from where, in winter, it is possible to reach the ski areas on the summit of Monte Baldo. Certainly worth seeing are the Scaligero Castle, which you have to climb up to the tower to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Garda and the Palazzo dei Capitani with its paintings and the small garden floating above the water, as well as the small harbour and the wonderful walk along the lake.