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An important wine growing area

Bicchiere di vino

The wines grown on the shores of Lake Garda are divided into four main categories, based on the production area. The wines from Lake Garda go well with the typical dishes of the lake’s oeno-gastronomic tradition, for example Lugana or Garda Classico Chiaretto are excellent with dishes based on fish from the lake, while a perhaps mature Groppello should be enjoyed with the classic Brescia meat skewer or with typical cheeses from the region. On the east coast in Veneto, the Bardolino wine, a light red wine suitable for every meal, is a symbol of its area.

On the west coast, on the other hand, among the red wines, the classic Groppello still stands out (with particular attention to some bottles of Groppello Riserva), while a good Garda Merlot is produced on the hills around Mantova, which is located closer to the lake. Well known rosé wines from Lake Garda are The Bardolino Chiaretto from the eastern shore of the lake and the Garda Classico Chiaretto from the western shore.

On the eastern shore of the lake the white wine Bianco di Custoza is offered, while further south the famous Lugana wine is produced. Both wines are very suitable for lake fish dishes and for other dishes. Lugana Superiore also goes very well with cheeses from Lake Garda and white meats.

 The white wine San Martino della Battaglia is also produced in a small area south of Lake Garda. There are also excellent bottles of dessert wines like the rare liqueur San Martino della Battaglia, while further north, between Lake Garda and Lake Toblino, a delicious dessert wine Vin Santo from Trentino is produced.

Vino rosso